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Competition list for 2017-2018

  • March 24th                             Rocket City Jr. ( Grand prix)                               Huntsville, AL

  • April 8th                                 Blades in Bama (Grand Prix)                              Birmingham, AL

  • April 20th-22nd                    Skate Nashville @ cenntenial                            Nashville, TN

  • April 28th                               Blades in Decatur (Grand prix)                         Decatur, AL

  • June 7th-9th                          Atlanta Open                                                        Alpharetta, GA

  • June 21st-25th                       National Theatre On Ice Championships        Chicago, IL

  • July 27th-29th                       Magic City Classic                                               Pelham, AL

  • August 4th-6th                     3rd Annual Scott Hamilton Invitational          Antioch, TN

  • August 24th-25th                 Rocket City Classic                                              Huntsville,AL

  • Oct.17th-21st                         Eastern Great Lakes Regionals                         Ann Arbor, Mi

Competitions: Events

Summer Champs Camp G2C

June 24-29, 2018 Yorktown, VA

G2C Training Camp is an intensive week of on- and off-ice training for competitive figure skaters who aspire to develop into elite level competitors and professional performers.


Cool Camp All-day skating camps

$275, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. , Early drop off available, Registration required
for more info please contact the Skating school office  @ 256-883-3773

Performance Dynamics

This class is designed to give the extra edge skaters need when it comes to balance , stability, jump strength, and stamina. Performance Dynamics classes are designed to be beneficial for all levels of an athletes off-ice development. As of now, classes are held on Tuesday nights at first come, first serve basis. Instructors are hand picked and certified in their field of study. Classes consist of 30 minutes of pilates, followed by 30 minutes of fitness traing, and teaches your athlete how to train off ice.

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